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Snack on delicious flash fiction reads during lunch break, waiting in the carpool line, or out of curiosity in between reading binges. Although the following works of fiction may develop into longer books, the versions I share with you are and ALWAYS WILL remain FREE.

I’m all about the love of reading, so if you enjoy a particular story, I hope you’ll let others know by sharing. My love for writing meets your love for reading the written word. (Oh-and ehm…it’s all copyrighted protected under US law.Please do not replicate/copy/paste/distribute/print/sale this material in any form. Enjoy responsibly!) 

Story Descriptions

Dagger of The Damned

Tragedy befalls Astrid as she discovers her brother is murdered. Daren, the intimidating and very hunky crime scene investigator, has something wrong with him. It could be those gorgeous inter-changing eyes or his threatening wolfish smile, but Astrid isn’t put out by the investigator’s bluntness. She is, however, put out at the prospect that Daren knows the mysterious changes her body is experiencing. She’s  damned if she gets to the bottom of her brother’s death and double-damned if she uncovers what Daren is hiding from her.

866 words |  Short Fiction | Horror, Suspense

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(c)2016-Present LaurieKozlowski

Private Eye

Romance is overrated and so is the mysterious reporter found in the ladies department of a superstore! In this cute and funny flash fiction story, find out what the ruckus is over yarn, chocolate, and panties. The checkout line hasn’t been so entertaining!

400 words | Short Fiction | Chick-Lit, Humor

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Read Private Eye on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

(c)2016-Present LaurieKozlowski