About Laurie Kozlowski


Laurie Kozlowski resides in Northeast Georgia with her daughter and husband. Having small town roots, she’s intrigued with the charm, drama, and humor of the south, often weaving those themes into the fiction she writes. In between working in hospitality at a country-store and restaurant, studying for college courses, and volunteering at the library, she creates handmade fashion and accessories available to purchase November thru February. Keep in touch with her by signing up for her newsletter and you’ll have access to recent publication news and special sales/giveaways via email.




9 thoughts on “About Laurie Kozlowski

  1. Thank you for visiting me at City Jackdaw- I haven’t been blogging long.
    At first glance I thought that picture of your brother was Jim Morrison!
    Hold on to your memories, and best of luck with your writing.


  2. Lol. Nah, just a small town country boy with big dreams. He liked to rock out to AC/DC and Skinnard πŸ™‚ I enjoyed your blog also. The most recent post had me Lol. One of my friends who writes historical romances could relate to the “fresh parchment, bad ink” quote. I loved “The parchment is hairy” quote. Best of luck to you too!


  3. Thank you, TheGirl and randomramsey! I am thrilled you both enjoy it and have taken the time to let me know what you think. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and look forward to reciprocating πŸ™‚


  4. How are you Mrs. Kozlowski? My name is Kenyona R. Copeland, and I enjoying coming to your website. I wanted to know if it was okay with you, would you possibly consider doing an online interview with me about how you balance writing and motherhood? Thanks for considering. Best Wishes.

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  5. Great to hear from you!
    I will email everything over, first thing in the morning 😊. I appreciate you very much.

    Kenyona R. Copeland

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